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Autumn. by Verrett
by Verrett

The art of photography is captured wonderfully here in this photo. I think it shows light shades of innocence and the fun of cosplaying...

Death note cosplay by Kawaielli

Hello, Okay I'm going to admit this is the first piece of art I've ever critiqued before so I apologize if there is anything out of tex...


purplealchemist's Profile Picture
Kendra Johnson
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
Hello, this is PurpleAlchemist and welcome to my deviantart page! It is such an honor to have all of these followers (:cough: creepers :cough: :cough: jk) who have told me so many wonderful things about my art. I find it amazing to have a site such as this one to connect with so many artists from all over the world-fantastic really, haha.
If you are curious, my hobbies mainly include scriptwriting, movie-watching, cosplaying, drawing, one-act play, speech and probably loads more.
For cosplay, I do Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist; Death the Kid from Soul Eater; Allen Walker from D. Gray Man; Kisuke Urahara from Bleach; George Weasly from Harry Potter; and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from Hetalia.

  1-       Name: Kendra    

    2-       Live: U.S.

    3-       Male or female: F

    4-       Place of birth: Hospital

    5-       Dark skin or what skin: Fair skin

    6-       Religion: Roman Catholic

    7-       Personality:  very random

    8-       Primary school: DMCS

    9-       Secondary school: FMS

    10-   High school: North Woods

    11-   Cloth style : skinny jeans with cool tops

    12-   Tall or short: short i think ?

    13-   Mustache or beard  : haha-no

    14-   Smoke: nope

    15-   Cats or dogs: both

    16-   Facebook page:…

    17-   Music type: pop, punk rock, punk pop, classic rock, 

    18-   Bicycle: maybe

    19-   a wish you want to become true: nobody has to live with an illness 

    20-   a dream : to go to England

    21-   do you like party’s: sometimes but yes

    22-   Friends in real life: yes...

    23-   Friends online: some...

    24-   Funny thing about you: (backs out of room unseen)

    25-   Things you don’t believe : ghosts, non-cute babies, 


    26-   Food: tacos, pizza, sandwiches, 

    27-   Fruit: strawberries, watermelon, bananas, apples

    28-   Music type : vocal

    29-   Sport: (starts laughing hysterically) soccer

    30-   Games: card games, pc games, 

    31-   Shoe : boots, converse, 

    32-   Social media : tumblr, fb, 

    33-   Do you have secrets: probably

    34-   Subjects : english, history, art

Have you

    35-   Traveled with an airplane: yup

    36-   Traveled with a ship: yup

    37-   Took something not yours: yup

    38-   Cheated on any exam  : maybe

    39-   Been in a cross fire: maybe

    40-   Saw a beautiful girl in your life: dude everyone has beauty so yes

    41-   Been in a fight : probably

    42-   Ever spend the night out of home: yes

    43-   Had an imaginary friend : yup-i think-maybe

    44-   Been punished in school: i don't think...

Things u like

    45-   Drawing: yes 

    46-   Eating: yes

    47-   Dogs: yes

    48-   Hangout: sometimes

    49-   Singing: all the time

    50-   Laughing: still all the time

    51-   Weapons: fake ones

    52-   About girls: can apply makeup flawlessly, stay fit, and have time for fun

Things u don’t like

    53-   stupidity

    54-   evil personalities

    55-   people that do something to impress others, instead of just doing something good to make that person happy

    56-   bullies

    57-   swearing

    58-   things said behind your back

    59-   abuse to people and animals

    60-   climate change

    61-   emotions at night before bed

    62-   feeling terrible about yourself

    63-   feeling like everyone hates you

    64-   ill

Things you never had

    65-   mac 

    66-   x box 

    67-   internet popularity

Things you’ve never made

    68-   wood carvings

    69-   a novel

    70-   yaoi

    71-   sewn my own cosplay

    72-   gone to a midnight premeire 

    73-   gone to san diego comic con

Last thing

    74-   Last movie : the wizard of oz 

    75-   Last game you played: farm frenzy T-T

    76-   Last food you eat: scrambled eggs with bacon

    77-   Last thing you want: to be considered a bad person

    78-   Last thing you did: took a bath

    79-   Last person you spoke to: dad

First things ever

    80-   First thing you had : breast milk.. probably

    81-   First book: no idea

    82-   First toy you had: peter rabbit

    83-   First movie you saw: still don't know

    84-   First 3d movie you saw: spy kids 3? 

    85-   First car you rode with your father: van?

    86-   First online friend: here on da

    87-   First game you played: peek-a-boo maybe

Things you want

    88-   a mac

    89-   to go to college

    90-   to be better

Future life

    91-   Do you want to own a company : maybe if it's in my background

    92-   Do you want To get Married : i think so

    93-   the man you want to become : well I'm a WO-man so, i guess a pretty good one

Truly answers

    94-   i love taylor swift songs

    95-   i have seen all of star wars

    96-   i don't like peas, cooked carrots, or asparagus 

    97-   i am terrible when it comes to getting into a new series (it takes forever)

    98-   i treat my cat and dog as if they were my little brothers I never had (i love them)

    99-   I am quiet but can be a thinker and a dreamer

    100- i don't really like the color pink

Feel free to do this too, everyone :D (Big Grin) If you want to!

  • Mood: Sociable
  • Listening to: taylor swift
  • Drinking: water

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